About Us

aboutWe are group of Cardiac surgeons and Cardiologist from around the globe, determined to take the cost of cardiac services affordable to all, specifically the people of third world country. Majority of population in third world countries pay out of pocket health care expense, and this brings very limited to a negligible percentage of the population having the luxury of western expensive cardiac device.
In order to achieve this project, we invaded growing Chinese market in search of cardiac device. We extensively researched the device and after repeated use made common conclusion about each product. So products listed on this website have been tried and trusted for use.
The site is designed in such way that you will make your way through your daily practice. Everything you need, ranging from pre/intra/post operative car is listed systematically.
There are no vendors in the middle, its direct surgeon to surgeon communication. Smallest profit is used for logistics and supply chain management.
Your feedback and opinion will be of big assistance. Help us to help you. Please send your comments and feedback to info@ccd.com .